You have been outbid.

I think e-bay is one of the most brilliant ideas ever developed.

And I know they do lots of testing on their marketing, which is one of the reasons why they continuously come up with new ways of promoting themselves to their users, and how they get you to buy more and more.

Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not sure I’d want to run a business on e-bay because I don’t like businesses that involve physical inventory, but I think e-bay is a wonderful way of doing business for many people who’d otherwise be locked out of doing business.

In fact, one of the nicest things about e-bay is that if you don’t know anything about marketing, it doesn’t even matter, since it’s such a centralized marketplace where buyers come looking for you.

Of course, knowing what you’re doing marketing-wise only helps you, but you get my drift, right?


Now one of the most compelling e-mails you’ll get from e-bay is the one that says, “You have been outbid.”


Ever wonder why they say it just like that?

See, when someone puts the burden of something squarely on your shoulders, especially in such a definitive manner, it compels you to do something about it. And it compels you to do something about it very quickly.

This is something trial lawyers know and it’s how they get people to make such dramatic efforts at doing things like clearing their name or defending their honor.

It’s a very powerful tactic.

And in this case, it’s no different. Your immediate reaction to these e-mails is to go and bid more, even if you really aren’t so hot for whatever the item is — simply to defend your honor.

After you get that e-mail you almost feel like you failed at something, so your gut reaction is to “succeed,” and in this case, you succeed by bidding higher and higher.

These are the little things that make e-bay so successful. And they all revolve around understanding human nature and knowing what makes people “tick.”

And this, ultimately, is the difference between great and incredible, when it comes to your selling success.

Or not.

Now go sell something, Craig

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