Writing Sales Letters: The SPA-S system to writing killer headlines

I love writing headlines.  In fact, my obsession with it might border on the ridiculous.

For example, sometimes I’ll be driving in the car and I’ll see a truck pull up beside me with some kind of an ad plastered across the side of it… or I’ll see a billboard advertising something, and I’ll just automatically start thinking of better ways of advertising the product or service.

Yes, that’s a bit strange, but I guess it beats nightly drinking or beating my kids or something else like that, right?

And there’s one, very simple headline system anyone can use to make dramatic improvements to their headlines.  It’s called the SPA-S system and I’m going to show it to you today.

Let’s start out with a simple headline like, “How To Eliminate Headaches”

First thing you so in this SPA-S system, is look to make your headline more Specific.  Like this:

How To Eliminate Migrane Headaches

The more specific your target, the more responsive your buyer.

Then you try and Personalize the headline.  Like this:

How Any Woman Can Eliminate Migrane Headaches

The more personal appeal your headline has, the more responsive your buyer.

Lastly, you then say to yourself, “Self, is there any way I can Acclerate this claim I am making?”

And you can always do that, like this, for instance:

How Any Woman Can Eliminate Migrane Headaches In 15 Minutes Or Less

Obviously, accelerated claims will generate a greater appeal, right?

Of course they will.

So far, you have Specific, Personalize, Accelerate.

Then, there’s the final “S” which might shake you up a bit, because it asks you to think outside your comfort zone, and beyond this simple system.

The last “S” says, “Can you make this simpler?”

And in many cases, you can.  Like this:

Women: No More Headaches — GUARANTEED

Sometimes simpler is better, and so your first ‘split-test’ would be the final SPA headline, tested against your simple headline.

And then your body copy can start with something like…

“There is now a way any woman can completely eliminate headaches and pains associated with monthly bloating, in less than 15 minutes… blah blah blah”

This is a VERY easy system I developed, and I teach it to all my consulting clients who have copywriting problems they ask me to help them solve.

If you can’t follow this, or if it seems too difficult, then I suggest you take up a new career working for the government.  You will fit in perfectly and probably get promoted to the top, very rapidly :-)

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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