Writing Sales Letters: The MOST common mistake people make when writing sales letters

For some reason people get confused when they’re writing sales letter.

It seems like a lot of people think they’re standing up on a stage, addressing a huge audience when they’re writing, instead of the one lone person who’s actually reading the darn thing, alone at home or in their office.

And so, instead of taking the opportunity to form a unique, deep bond with literally every single person who reads their material, by saying something like:

“Look, I know this stuff isn’t easy.  I failed at this myself at least ten or fifteen times before I was finally able to get it.  But once you understand exactly what the horse is thinking about, and how he’s feeling once he knows you’re approaching him… your entire situation changes — dramatically, and immediately.

You’re a lot more relaxed, a lot more confident… and a lot less stressed out.”

Instead they say things like:

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“I know you guys are wishing you can do it better.  I used to feel the same way.  But now things are different.  Now horses love me and they will love all of you too, once you read…”

See the difference here?

See how, when you speak to people one-on-one — just like in real life — the entire dynamic of your sales letter changes?

Instead of being some silly sales guy making a sales pitch to thousands, you’re a REAL person, giving advice to someone who needs it.

And I’m no rocket scientist or anything, but… which one of these two, do YOU think will sell more?

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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But I just checked my bank account and have 2 people paying me $7,000 each for a project they need help on. I credit this to you. I opened your book up again in search for light at the end of the tunnel and read your ad on page 198.

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Thanks for putting this book out. I really mean it. It is like the modern day Breakthrough Advertising.

Take care, Carlos Redlich  Miami, FL

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