Writing Sales Letters: Small-town farmer predicts recession's end on September 5th

“It’s true!  Out of the corner of a small former citrus town in west-central Florida, this former Grapefruit farmer (and son of a Baptist preacher) now has concrete evidence the recession will end for all of us here in America, on September 5th.”

That’s pretty attention-getting, isn’t it?

Oh, yes it is.

And this is what I want to talk about today:  getting your buyers attention.

One of the most reliable ways of getting your buyers attention is by making an unusual, compelling, or interesting prediction.  People are always interested and curious about future predictions.

In fact, papers like the Enquirer and the Star have sustained themselves over decades using predictions like this.  And if you look in the astrology section of any type of media, it’s always a popular section – and this is ALL based on future predictions, right?

You bet.

So what kind of predictions can you use?

Well, your prediction should have three things:

1.  It must be relevant.

If you’re talking to goat farmers, they don’t really care about dental implants, do they?

No, they don’t.  They want to know information about goats, or goat farming.  Something like this:

Russian Goat Farmer Sells Prize Goat For THOUSANDS, Says MANY More Goats Like This Are Coming!

2.  It must be optimistic, or… pessimistic.

Stock market newsletters have lived on optimism and pessimism forever:

Why Losing Your “Spare Tire” Will Become 3 Times Easier In 2012

Or, you can go to the dark side with:

Why The Chinese Will Own EVERY Company Here In America, By 2025

3.  Lastly, you have to know WHY your buyers buy, and you have to know which emotional buy-button to push:

If you’re trying to sell lawn-mowers, people are looking for less effort, not escapism.

So you’d say something like this:

Former NASA Crew Chief says, ‘Mowing your lawn effortlessly, in less than 15 minutes using space-age technology, is finally reality!”

So what’s my prediction for today?

I predict…

Life will get better… for all of us.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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