Writing Sales Letters: How to not avoid making an ass out of u and me

In this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter, I went through 13 or 14 ads in a VERY popular (perhaps the most popular) niche marketplace.

There were a number of situations in these ads, when the same thing happened, over and over.

Quite often, the writer assumed the reader knew a lot more about what was going on, then they actually did.

And this reminded me of that old expression, which I think has gone the way of the 8-track tape at this point:

Never assume anything.  Because when you “assume” something… you often make an ass out of “u” and “me.”

For example, there were a lot of situations where the writer explained what was going on at the cellular level inside your body.

And while there’s no problem with this, the copy assumed you had basic knowledge of a number of different biological cellular organisms.  And I don’t care how smart your audience is… unless you’re talking to a group of medical doctors… it’s not likely ANY of your readers will understand what the hell is going on when you’re talking about anything like this.

So whenever you’re speaking to someone, if you’re not 110% positive they understand what you’re saying… then don’t say it.

If you DO decide to discuss something your buyers might not understand, then ask yourself these two questions:

1.  Do you really need to discuss this matter at all?

Look, the only things you need to discuss are those items that contribute to your sale.

So if what you’re going to say isn’t going to contribute to your sale… then by all means, save yourself some time and headaches and just get rid of it.

2.  If you do need to include the information, then include it in such a way that you can answer yes to the following question:

Have I broken this down into plain and simple enough language… so my 8th grade child could understand this?

If you can’t break things down this simply, then keep at it, until you can.

Not that your buyers are stupid or only as smart as an 8th grader.  But the truth is, there’s a big difference between intellectual capacity, and conversational dialog.

You usually have a conversation in a much simpler tone than your intellectual capacity.

And that’s the kind of tone you want in your sales material.

At least… that’s the kind of tone you want, if you want to sell a bunch of stuff.

But maybe I’m just biased…

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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