Writing Sales Letters – How to make your buyers move (just like your dad did)

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Remember when you were a kid, and your dad wanted you to move your ass — NOW, and not later?

Boy oh boy, I’m sure you remember that, right?

If you’re like me, chances are good your dad didn’t casually suggest you do whatever it was, he wanted you to do.  He probably said something like, “Get that damn lawn mowed – NOW.”

Yikes!  Who doesn’t remember that?

Because at times like this, you probably moved as fast a greased lightening!

And while you can’t yell at your clients… and you really can’t MAKE them take action, even if they don’t want to (like your dad did :-)… there are still a few things you can do, to give your words “energy.”

And whether you realize it or not, this energy is “felt” by your clients, and it’s just one more thing that’s going to help them make the decision to take action, now.

The key is, you have to create an “emotionally compelling” call to action.  And in order to have an emotionally compelling call to action, you have to actually have a ‘call to action’ in the first place.

And telling your buyer to “click here to order” isn’t it.

But telling someone to hit a tab that says, “Yes Craig I’m sick of losing sales because my copy just isn’t emotionally compelling enough” – that’s going to get people to move.

It’s specific… it gives you a benefit… and it also reminds them of the current losses they are suffering if they don’t take action.

When it comes to taking action… you have to inspire and motivate, more than anything else.

Unless you’re selling sex-related goods and services, or Apple products… that’s just the way it is.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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