Writing Sales Letters – How to get your customers, clients, and patients, to write your sales letters for you:

One of the simplest things you can do, to boost sales and the response rates of your marketing, in general, is to let your customers write these pieces for you.

I don’t mean, literally sit down and write them for you, but if you listen… they can create almost all your content.

For example, when customers ask you questions, turn these questions into information or benefits in your sales letter.

So say, you keep getting asked something simple, like: “How can I lower my taxes?”

Then in your sales material, you say, “Look, unless you do what I’m about to tell you, you’re over-paying the IRS at LEAST $2,500 in taxes this year:”

Then, you list one to three ways your clients can lower their taxes in plain and simple English.

And see, when you’re “giving” away good information in your sales material, buyers can’t help but think, “Wow, if this guy’s this generous just in his sales material, he must be a real peach when you’re working with him.”

Make sense?


Of course, you can do this same thing in any field: eliminating pain, improving your marriage, unclogging your toilets… whatever.

Or maybe what you’re getting asked, is “Does it work under water, and if so, for how long?”

So, you have a bullet list, or a headline or sub-headline in your brochure:

“And now, XYZ is GUARANTEED to work underwater for up to TWENTY minutes!”

Simple, right?

Sure it is.

And can you see how easy this is?

All you need is an open mind and an ability to listen.

Oh, ummmm… wait a minute — maybe this isn’t so easy, after all.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  All your clients want, is for you to be REAL

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