Writing Sales Letters: Getting w-a-a-y too personal

OK, look… it’s like 90 degrees here and sunny, with VERY low humidity, so this is going to be quick.

It’s Friday and I’m big into unwinding today, so let’s get busy:

The other day, we talked about opening your sales correspondence with names, and about personalization, in general.

But what you also need to know, is there are times when you’re being “too personal.”

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For example, ever call some big company’s customer service line and get a call center overseas somewhere?

You have?

Don’t you hate it when every other word is your name?

“Yes, Mr. Garber”… “Thank you, Mr. Garber”… “Mr. Garber, is there something else we can do for you?”… “Mr. Garber, we are transferring you to that department, are you OK with this, Mr. Garber?”

Sheesh, it’s like being in a bad echo chamber, isn’t it?

Well, believe it or not, people do the same thing in their sales letters:

“Hi Craig”…

“Craig, can you believe this?”

“Wow, Craig, I bet you’d love this.

“Craig, how much would this be worth to you?”

Frankly, when you’re going on like this… it’s worth nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  Squat.  Zilch.

Point being, just the same way you want to be personal and friendly with someone… there’s a limit here, as well.

If you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t write it, either.

Make sense?


Have a great weekend – I’m going fishing.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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