Writing Sales Letters – Case study: Great takeaway selling last weekend in Orlando

So last week my wife and I went to the Food and Wine Festival, up at Epcot in Orlando.

Here are some photos:

Craig Garber - Tequila In Mexico

Tequila In Mexico


Craig Garber Drinking Champagne In France

Drinking Champagne In France

We had a GREAT time as we always do, and we experienced one particular buying situation that reminded me, just how important “scarcity” is.

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Here’s what happened.

We walked into the shop over in “Italy.”  It’s a boutique store with upscale things like costume jewelry, clothing, cologne and perfume… and some household items as well — all made in Italy, of course.

We’d been in this store a number of times, and I’d always wanted to buy Anne some perfume there.  But for one reason or another, we never got around to it, or the kids were with us, or something seemed to come up that got in the way.

This past weekend, timing was just right, so Anne got to sniff away at all the various fragrances they have.

She stumbles across one in particular, that she liked.  It was called Miss Pucci by Emillio Pucci (yes, very Italian sounding, for sure).

I’m pretty sure she was going to buy this one, but then the clerk behind the counter said something that immediately removed all doubt.

She said, “This fragrance is only available in Milan… Rome… and here.”

“OK, we’ll take this one.”

Now my wife is a smart shopper and she’s been around me long enough to understand things like scarcity and guarantees and all kinds of strategies you use, in direct response marketing.

But the immediate and visceral reaction she had to this scarcity, was unmistakable — and… undeniable.

Scarcity is a very powerful force, and is often THE most important or compelling part of your offer.  So always try and incorporate it into your sales messages.

In my book, I give you examples of how to use “Scarcity” throughout — but especially on pages 315 – 321.  If you’d be interested in me developing a program about how you can use scarcity in your business, let me know by just posting a comment on today’s blog post, right here.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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