Writing Sales Letters: 3 ways people screw up sales, in print

I’ve been somewhat out of pocket the last two weeks or so, working on a new business I’m getting up and running, over in Europe.

Besides working on a very detailed free report to generate leads, I’ve also spent a NUMBER of hours in strategy meetings.

Sometimes it seems like you’re splitting hairs working on strategic details, but if you’re discussing the right things in the first place… each split hair can be worth more than 100,000 Euro a pop — so it’s worth it!

When I was writing, one thing I was reminded of recently, is the impact of “specifics.”  In this case, I’m talking about specific numbers, in particular.

Specifics do three things:

1.  They make you more believable.

If you’re referring to your success rate, for instance, and you say that 87% of all the people who take some kind of pill, for instance, will experience immediate relief in the first 24 hours… this gives your buyers a lot more comfort over something vague, like… “this really works,” or even, “almost everyone enjoys this.”

2.  They make you more credible.

If you’re an authority figure, you don’t talk in generalities, you talk in specifics.

If you read the MDA (Management’s Discussion and Analysis) section of publicly traded company’s financials… no one says, “Sales are up because people are ordering more.”

They say, “Sales are up 17.5% because our new outlet in Munich has given us access to a very strong pent-up European demand.”

3.  And lastly, they create curiosity.

And when you make your prospects curious, they buy.

Like saying, “Which one of these 21 new strategies did you miss out on?”  Is MUCH more powerful than…

“Which one of these strategies did you miss?”

So don’t forget, to be specific… and be profitable.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  Talk about specifics:  “I just checked my bank account and have 2 people paying me $7,000 each for a project they need help on.  I credit this to you.  I opened your book up again and in searching for light at the end of the tunnel I read your ad on page 198.

I used the same kind offer and sent a 1 step mailer to about 20 of my previous prospects and made $14K.  Craig, I spent like less than an hour doing this!  Your book has more gold in it than Fort Knox!  Every time I reread it I make more money.

Thanks for putting this book out.  I really mean it.  It is like the modern day Breakthrough Advertising.”

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