Writing Sales Letters: 3 mistakes that make your readers IMMEDIATELY stop reading

Delay is the death of a sale.

Even if you’re selling something face to face… if your prospect’s attention wanes… your sale is gone.  You simply must keep the ball rolling, to get anywhere.

And let’s face it, in print, this isn’t so easy to do.  But here are three common mistakes I typically see when I’m doing critiques, that cause your readers to immediately lose interest in what you’re selling.

1.  Trying to do too many things at once.

Sell one thing at a time only.

Most people are too preoccupied with getting LOADS of money out of their client – money beyond this first sale.

And while there’s nothing wrong with this, you want to do it in a systematic manner, not “all at once.”  That’s just not the way sales works.  Remember, your desire to make more money… is your problem — not your buyer’s problem.

2.  Not leading your reader down the path to your sale.

In many ways, selling is like giving directions to someone from out of town.

If you don’t lay things out step-by-step, in a logical and emotionally practical manner… you’re going to confuse them and they’ll start wandering astray.

Sometimes, in people’s efforts to want to tell the entire story (which is good), they go back and forth, as if they are having a conversation with a friend.

Don’t do that.  Pretend you’re having a conversation with someone you do NOT know, who doesn’t even speak English as a first language.

If you were speaking to someone like this, you’d lay everything out, nice and simple, right?

Well, that’s the way you need to lay things out, when you want to sell something.

3.  Speaking gibberish.

By this, I mean going on about nothing, or cramming a bunch of different ideas or sentences into one paragraph.

Speak to your buyers like you speak to your kids – nice and clearly, and easy to understand and digest.

And don’t worry, they’ll respond and listen to you, MUCH better than your kids do.

I promise.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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