Writing Sales Letters – 2 Questions NOT to ask in a sales letter:

If you own my Keepin’ It Real Copywriting Workshop, then you already know the value of questions, when you’re selling in print.

But just like there are GOOD questions to ask… there are also really BAD questions to ask, as well.

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For example, questions like this are NOT going to help you:

*  “Doesn’t this sound great?”

Because if the person reading it, doesn’t think it sounds great… then pretty much, your conversation (and your sale) is over.

Or this one:

*  “Is this the greatest deal ever?”

Same thing – what if your buyer think’s what you’re offering is a crappy deal?

See, you don’t ever want to ask a question a qualified buyer has the chance of saying anything other than “Yes” to.

This means you have to “set” your questions up, ahead of time.

So for example, let’s take that second question, “Is this the greatest deal ever.”  Let me show you how you can make a variation of this and get a 100% “Yes” response.

Let’s say, everyone is selling cell phone service for 20 dollars a month, and when you order and prepay a one year contract, you get a free phone with your service.

And in your sales copy, you walked people through all the comparable offers out there and showed them this.

And then, you offered them, for this same prepayment of a one-year contract…

*  A free phone…

*  PLUS one month of extra free service…

*  PLUS a free case…

*  PLUS a calling card giving you 60 minutes of anywhere call time, from any phone…

NOW you can say, “We’ve put together the best deal in the marketplace for you”… then you give them the deal and THEN you can say, “I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a GREAT deal, isn’t it?”

The trick is, YOU give them their standard basis for comparison.

When you arbitrarily leave their basis of comparison open to someone else, for their own interpretation… that’s when you run into problems.

Make sense?

OK, great.  Now tomorrow I’ll try and make a video for you, as long as it’s nice outside – which it usually is here in Tampa :-)

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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