How To Write Headlines

How to write headlines: “How many headlines should you write?”

The other day, we talked about writing headlines and “when” is the best time to write them.

Another question I get asked a lot, is “How many headlines should you write?”

And frankly, I’m not sure this question is any more answerable than “How many kids should you have?” or “How many shots of tequila is enough?”

The answer to all of these, is based on how and what you’re feeling at that particular moment in time.

You should write enough headlines so you know you’ve got at least a few killer headlines buried amongst all the ones you just created.

It’s kind of like going to the gym — when do you leave?

You leave once you’re certain you’ve had a good workout, for at least “some” part of your body… whether it’s cardio, abs, chest, whatever.

Now for some people, that number of headlines may be 20-30… others may need to write down 100 headlines.

I tend to write somewhere between 10 and 25 headlines, depending on the promotion, and depending on what I’m trying to do. Although earlier on in my career… I probably wrote a little more than this.

I’ll typically write more headlines when I’m selling, than when I’m generating leads.


There are two reasons, actually.

I’m pretty adept at understanding what a buyer wants and how to flag them down pretty quickly.

So when it comes to generating leads, I know the critical response triggers with a good degree of certainty.

When I’m selling, however… unless I’m solving one very specific problem… I don’t like to assume what the buyer’s biggest appeals are.

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So I take my time and write more headlines than when I’m generating leads.

The other thing is… I also know I’ll be able to use a LOT of those headlines for sub-headlines throughout the ad. So I don’t mind doing a little extra, up-front… simply because I know I’ll be able to use a lot of these ideas in the sales letter, for other things.

Either as sub-headlines or as idea prompts for other sales copy I might need to write.

It’s like buying extra bullets at the gun range. You may not use them today… but you know you’ll use them next time, so either way it’s not a big deal.

Make sense?

Good. And by the way… if you have any questions like this, and you want me to answer them… just ask me, baby.

OK, that’s it for today.

Have yourself a good weekend. The weather here is simply beautiful. Early Spring is the time of year you really appreciate living in Florida.

I’m out.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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