Winner: Psychological Conversion Strategies – up next!

Some interesting results from last weeks survey.

1. The product voted most desired for me to bring out first, is… Psychological Conversion Strategies.

I’m finishing it up now, and it won’t be long till it’s released, so stay put.

2. As to online or offline distribution… online delivery won by a hair:

60% of my readers prefer online and 40% prefer offline

What’s probably going to happen is I’m going to do my best to offer both of them, if it’s not too difficult with respect to setting everything up.

3. With respect to other products people want, besides the ones that were listed… this was all over the board:

Products like “What’s the next big thing?” (I have NO idea, sorry.)…

“How To Do Research To Write A Sales Letter” – this is a good idea, actually, but it would have limited appeal, and I try and put things out with larger appeals, for obvious reasons

And then there were like, really vague answers I couldn’t interpret – even if I was drunk. Answers like, “Complimentary Webinars” (about what?)… “Yes” (ummm… OK)… and “thank you” (You’re quite welcome)

So I wasn’t sure on some of these things, where to go with the answers.

Anyway, if you have any specific thoughts about what you want in a product that teaches you Psychological Conversion Strategies, and shows you how to implement them, let me know.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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