Why Smartypants Failed

Met a doctor one time, a bright guy, specialist in his field…

Like a lot of bright people, however, too bright for his own good.  Focused on all the experience he had, all the training he had, and all the special courses he took.  By his own standards he was a genius and from an outsiders standpoint, perhaps this was true.

One small problem, however.

He couldn’t pay his bills.

He couldn’t pay his bills… he was held captive by the hospital where he worked and they paid him next to nothing… and he had absolutely no control over his patients or access to them, outside of what the hospital allowed him.

Staff – incompetent, hired by the hospital.

Tools – average, but not what he’d have liked, especially what with him having so much knowledge to apply and all that.

Job satisfaction – close to zero, because nothing he did or created (he was a plastic surgeon) was his own

And yet…

When I tried to talk to him about any kind of marketing, he was about as closed-minded as a pharmaceutical executive reading a holistic healing magazine.

Let me assure you, if you’re not happy with your business, there is almost a 100% likelihood that a marketing solution will rapidly fix your problem.  (Regardless of the economy or anything else going on.)

I say this not out of “stuff I read,” but out of ten years of experience personally and as a consultant in this field.

Remember, it is NOT what you know… or what you think you know, that means anything or does anything for you.  It’s what you DO that makes you or breaks you.  You might be the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but unless you’re able to use that knowledge effectively, to attract favorable attention from pre-qualified prospects… and unless you can get them to take action once they’re interested, all that “knowledge” you have, isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

In a situation like this, you’re far better off studying green snapping turtles and how to save them, than knowing the deepest darkest medical secrets buried inside the most remote journals ever created.  You’ll make about the same amount of money per hour, and at least the turtles will be grateful… and they won’t challenge your authority.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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