why people delete (and don't even open) your e-mail…

Yesterday I received an e-mail in my inbox that puzzled me.  I had NO idea why I was receiving it, and yet… it didn’t look or “feel” like spam.

I was stumped.  So I looked at the e-mail (which came from a salesy sounding company name) and I started digging deep into my memory banks.  Then, somewhere inside the e-mail there was a picture of a man, along with his name.

And then it dawned on me!  This guy’s an author.  And about a month ago — maybe even more than that… I subscribed to his e-zine, and that was the last I heard of him.

I didn’t even get a “thank you for subscribing” note, for goodness sakes.

So after I unsubscribed, I sat down and began writing this e-mail to you, so I can teach you something.

See, this fellow made a couple of the most critical and costly selling mistakes people make, online or offline.

First, he sent the e-mail from the name of a company, which no one either knows, remembers, or cares about.  If you came to my website to subscribe to information I was offering, and then I sent you an e-mail not from me directly, but from some silly, corporate nameless and faceless entity that sounds like thousands of other nameless, faceless, entities out there… like, “Success Strategies Inc.,” I can almost guarantee you’d never open that e-mail up.

People have relationships with PEOPLE.  NOT with companies, but with people. And furthermore, only your mother and your banker cares what your company is called.  Everyone else pretty much only cares about what you can do for them.


Second, this man waited w-a-a-y too long to follow up with me.  Heck, in today’s crazy world, where you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast this morning, or what you kid’s doctor’s name is… how the heck are you supposed to remember some website you stumbled across online for a fleeting minute, 30 days ago?

You can’t remember this.  It’s just not practical or realistic.  So if you’re going to follow up with your prospects, do it soon… and do it often.

Or… you may as well just not do it, at all.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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