Why Gordon Ramsay's smarter than he knows…

I love celebrity chef and reality TV host Gordon Ramsay. He’s got balls the size of grapefruits and he isn’t afraid to just come out and say what needs to be said.

After all, why build someone a clock when all they really want is to know what time it is? Who has time to waste, nowadays?

One of the first, and most common things Ramsay tells the proprietors of the restaurants he helps remake, is that they have W-A-A-Y too many items on their menu.

See, like most entrepreneurs, they mistakenly believe they have to make “everyone happy” in order to be successful, when in reality, nothing can be further from the truth.

You can never make everyone happy — heck, you can’t even make your spouse or your kids happy, all the time. So what makes you believe you can make a bunch of prospects happy?

Make sense?

And so while Ramsay’s suggestions make total and complete sense from an operational standpoint (if you’re trying to be good at preparing 125 meals, you probably can’t be truly good at preparing any of them), it’s also very sound advice from a marketing standpoint.

When you give your customers too many choices, ultimately… they make NO choice. They disconnect from whatever you’re offering them because you’re making their decision difficult instead of easy.

Think about it, if you walk into a restaurant for example, with 200 items on the menu. What do you normally do?

You probably go and order the same ‘old reliable’ thing you usually get, right?

Well, imagine now, you’re trying to sell something and instead of making their buying process easy, you go through your close, they’ve got their credit card out and they’re nodding their head up and down, but when it comes time to order… now they have to go through 5 or 6 different choices, 5 or 6 new (and potentially confusing) thought processes.

Know what they’re going to do?

Yep, they’re going to click right on the “X” up in the corner of your web page, or they’re going to take your order form and toss it right in the trash.

Make your selling process easy, and… make your buying process easy as well. Remember, it’s about how much you do for your buyers, not… “how much you do.”

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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If you get a chance, pick up Ramsay’s “Playing With Fire.” It’s an entertaining read and a behind the scenes look at how to become successful. Often times, people see the “end” of your efforts and they have absolutely NO idea what was behind all that success — that the “overnight success” moniker is as far from the truth as anything you can think of.

Playing With Fire strips these issues bare, plus you get Ramsay’s four-lettered witty mind to enjoy. The book is somewhat hard to find, I believe you can only get it as an import, but this link has some information about it: http://tinyurl.com/56mgr7

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