Why get five, when you have to work just as hard to get 25?

Most people don’t think about this, but they ought to. You see, marketing is a numbers game, first, before anything else.

For example, last week I had a client here for a full day of consulting and they were asking me if the cost of advertising they were going to incur using direct mail, would support the price of their product.

But I say, go the other way. Figure out the cost of your direct mail, then make a VERY conservative assumption about what kind of response you’re going to get — and THAT should let you back into how much you need to be charging for whatever it is you’re selling.

Now most folks will look at this and go “WOW! I need to be charging a LOT more for my products here.” And the truth is, you’re probably right! That is… unless you enjoy starving.

See, what you need to realize is that it takes as MUCH effort to sell something for $597, for example… as it does to sell something for $197. So, why not put forth the same amount of effort and make three times as much?

That’s a no-brainer, right?

In fact, it’s SO simple, you’re probably wondering why you never looked at things this way before, aren’t you?

Well, let me tell you something. I didn’t come up with this myself. It was taught to me by a man who was probably THE smartest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. A man named Gary Halbert. If you don’t know who Gary Halbert is, he is one of, if not THE greatest copywriter who’s ever lived…

And now he’s gone.

Gary died peacefully in his sleep last weekend. In the 6 months or so I worked with Gary, back in 2003, I learned LOADS of things I never would have otherwise had exposure to, and I watched how one of the sharpest minds who ever lived, thought, slept, and ran his life.

Props to Gary and may he rest in peace.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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