Who should NOT buy your stuff:

Yesterday we talked about “saying too much.” Clearly, this description about a single malt whiskey, was FAR too wordy:

“This is a toffee gold dram from a refill butt and is very mature for its age. The nose delivers pencil shavings, ripe fruit, nutmeg, flowers and orange toffee. At full strength, the taste was extremely agreeable and longreaching, with flavours of sweet bread dough, coconut and cherry coke. Once diluted, the nose had pepper and sugared violets (much later perfumed soap), while the palate was orangey with caramel creams and some dry pepper in the finish. Very sophisticated and easy to drink.”

Over the next few days, I want to show you some different strategies you can use in a case like this — where you’ve got a number of similar items, and you want to find some way to differentiate each one from the other.

Today we’ll talk about one one technique, which is… tell your prospects who shouldn’t be buying your product. Like this:

“Not for newbies: If you’re new to drinking single malts, then this isn’t the scotch for you! This one’s for the seasoned Scotch drinker who’s looking for something new and exciting — a new frontier to conquer and a new taste to enjoy. This isn’t your usual bottle of Islay… it’s got that same peaty taste, only because of the fertile green valley of the location, you’re also getting a more earthy taste as well, which balances the strength of the peat in a very unique way…”

Now of course, telling your customer what they can’t have is like telling your teenaged daughter she can’t date that guy — it increases demand even more.

And this sure beats the endless drivel that was originally used, right? Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Tomorrow I’ll show you another strategy you can use.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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