When Deception Is Good

I’d been suffering with terrible sciatic nerve pain for about two months now, and like most “non-life-threatening” medical issues, it was only when the pain of not taking care of it became greater than the pain of taking care of it (pain, in my case, being having to take time off and schlep to downtown Tampa), I decided to deal with this issue and visit my chiropractor.

So, early last week I did exactly that.

Part of the deal was getting a massage, and frankly I was looking forward to this. It had been a while since I’d had a massage, and Lord knows I needed to lie down and relax for an hour, so I was pretty excited about this. (Excited about relaxing — that’s GOT to be some kind of an oxymoron, no?)

This very sweet Japanese woman comes in — she’s no more than 5 foot 2, and says she’s going to give me a shiatsu massage and get all the knots out of my legs. I figured she’d be sweating and working her tail off, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

Turned out, I was the one sweating and working my tail off. After sitting with her for an hour, I felt like twisted pretzel dough. It was as if I’d literally been beaten up by a band of thugs looking to steal my wallet or something.

After it was over, I had no idea whether or not the pain in the back of my leg was gone — much greater throbbing pains had replaced it, all over the rest of my body. In fact, I actually woke up in the middle of the night, more sore than even after a VERY intense weightlifting workout.

The next day though, sure enough, the lion’s share of the pain was gone and I felt much better than I’d felt in a good long while.

This gal — her name was Mimi and she had a fantastic personality — was deceptively strong. And, it just goes to show you that like lots of things in life, you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

By the way, today I’m enjoying the first day of my very L-O-N-G overdue vacation down here in the Caribbean, and I’ll definitely have some photos to post up to my blog next week, so make sure you don’t miss out — and tomorrow I’ll tell you how things are going down here.

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