What's fair is fair, right? WRONG.

One of the issues that’s constantly coming up in many of my coaching groups, is “money.” Not as in “making it” or “spending it,” but as in “deserving” it.

After all, most people have been programmed or are somehow predisposed to think, “enough’s enough” when it comes to money — after all, why should you want or need more than your fair share?


Wrong-o, daddy-o.

See, the first problem with this kind of information is that it’s usually given to you by people who have NO money to speak of, so it’s actually coming from a bad or misinformed source.

And if you can understand that this information came from a misinformed source in the first place, then perhaps you can just as easily dismiss it as well-intended, but mistaken data you should probably pay no mind to.

After all, you wouldn’t ask your plumber of your landscaper about your heart condition, right?

So why would take advice about money, from someone who’s not wealthy?

Make sense?

This simple, common-sense concept is so easy to swallow, once I realized this, loads of issues I had about money, almost immediately vanished, and my life changed shortly after that.

Understand that the big problem with the “enough’s enough” advice, is… it implies that if you have more than “your fair share,” this means someone else is getting cheated out of their “fair share.”

And this makes no sense because d in reality, there’s no fixed supply of money. Money’s abundant. The more value you generate value, the more you get — it’s kind of like love. The more you give, the more you get back.

See where I’m going with this?

Can you understand now why the entire concept of “having enough,” is flawed?

The problem is, “being greedy” is a mutually exclusive issue, but when it comes to this topic, most people foolishly believe that if you want “more than your fair share,” (which again, doesn’t even exist because there are no “fair shares”), it means you’re being greedy.

Wanting more cash doesn’t make you greedy any more than wanting to get in better shape makes you greedy in the sense that other people won’t be able to get fit if you’re in better shape than “you deserve to be.”

The bottom line is that YOU get to define your parameters, your limitations, and your lack of limitations on all these things, not some sort of ethical financial regulatory association.

This is serious stuff here — make no mistake, you only get one life to live, so choose wisely.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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