What the women of the Shady Lady Ranch know about making offers you can't refuse

No doubt, next to your headline, your offer determines almost 100% of the success of any promotion you are making — assuming you’re making the offer to the right people, that is.

Nothing beats a sweet offer, period. The sweeter the offer, the harder it is to resist, and the more reasons you give your prospect to justify their purchase.

Because remember, all purchases are made based on emotional triggers or buy-buttons you’ve pushed, but many times these decisions must be rationalized with some sort of logical moorings, in order to justify purchases.

So the better you’re able to overcome any potential objections to buying, the more your buyer can justify their purchase. Sometimes you do this using guarantees that reduce risk, but other times, overcoming an objective (real or perceived) in your offer, does this same thing.

Now every business can use this understanding of psychology to make a strong offer, and I do mean ANY business, so let’s take a look at an example of this, using a business where demand is (I’d assume) pretty strong to begin with.

This business is also one of the most controversial businesses in America, prostitution.

Here’s the deal. About 148 miles northwest of Las Vegas, prostitution is legal and thriving. And the Shady Lady Ranch has taken the economic state of affairs into consideration to boost sales.

They figured, since most people are going to have to drive a good distance to get to the Shady Lady Ranch, one of the objections to doing this, might be the high gas prices. So last month (the offer has since been changed), the Shady Lady Ranch was offering a special: You got a $50 dollar gas card or more, with every “purchase” you made.

Now one thing you want to be aware of, is that in a business where what you’re selling might be perceived as a commodity — and I suspect that most people would perceive a brothel to be commodity-like — it is absolutely critical to have something about your offer that de-commoditizes you.

An offer like this one, not only makes the Shady Lady Ranch different from their competition, it gives prospects more incentive to do business with them versus their competition, as well.

Listen, there is no one single thing you can do, that changes the dynamics of your sale and boosts the responsiveness of whatever you’re selling, that is as powerful as making a sweet offer. So why don’t you do something good for yourself: if you took the time to read this, why don’t you take another 15 minutes or so, to sit down and think of a few different ways you can improve the offer you’re making — it’ll pay off in spades.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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