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Yesterday was, BY FAR, the most popular radio show I’ve ever done. We literally had callers back to back, stacked up and waiting to get on the line with me.

Now here’s what’s interesting about this: The lion’s share — in fact, the ENTIRE show yesterday — was devoted NOT to marketing, but to discussing the ramifications and general impact of the Virginia Tech shootings earlier this week.

People were upbeat and involved, and I couldn’t even take all the calls that came in, not to mention discussing all the e-mails that were received. (And by-the-way, if you were one of the folks who called in, thanks for your participation and enthusiasm.)

Here’s what I found interesting about all this:

We mock and “make fun of” those of us — the lesser mortals, of course — who are so addicted to pop culture, that they turn Anna Nicole and the Virginia Tech shooting, into three-month ordeals discussing each picayune meaningless detail of the cast of characters, ad infinitum.

Many people blame “the media” for all this exposure. If it weren’t for “the media”… and all the “yellow journalism” we wouldn’t be watching all this.

I disagree. That’s like putting the cart before the horse.

You see, “the media” knows what gets people fired up… and what makes YOU pay very close attention, isn’t the things that “are important”, but the things that get you emotionally engaged, enraged, and excited. Right, wrong, or indifferent, THAT is reality — yours and mine both.

And there’s also a good marketing lesson in there as well. See, your prospects don’t care about what’s important either — they only care about what’s important to THEM. The kinds of experiences that get them excited and enthusiastic.

Whether it’s a new cigar or a new boat — presenting it in a compelling fashion is what counts, not presenting it in a factual boring drone.

I mean, let’s call a spade a spade here — people pay me $50,000 Dollars plus royalties to create and write sales campaigns for them… I get $6,500 bucks a day from folks for consulting fees, and generally when you leave my office your head is absolutely SPINNING!

Common sense would tell you then, I’m probably someone you should listen to — at least when it comes to marketing your business and leveraging it to create any kind of lifestyle you want. And yet… week after week on my radio show, we only get a few callers here and there, who actually want to call in and get their ONE SHOT at asking me a FREE question. But… when it comes to talking about pop culture and national scandals — Lordy Lordy, the verbal floodgates BURST open!

And just so you know I practice what I preach — far be it for me to dictate what you should need, because CLEARLY, you WANT pop-culture kitsch, and a safe place to piss and moan, more than marketing information.

So… here’s what I’m going to do moving forward. From now on in, I’m going to use my radio show as an open forum to discuss whatever the hell you want. If you’re having relationship problems, or if you’re going through a divorce, call in and let me know. After all, I’ve been married twice… I’ve been with my current wife almost 14 years, and in spite of all our ups and downs, I think we’ve got about the best relationship a man and woman could have, and I’ll look anyone in the eye and swear on a stack of bibles when I say that.

If you’re mother-in-law’s a pain in the ass — tell the King Of Copy and we’ll get that all sorted out too. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on and a place to blow off some steam, and from now on the first place you should think of to do that, is my radio show on Thursday’s at 1pm Eastern time.

Oh, and speaking of mother-in-law’s, my current mother-in-law isn’t so bad (of course, the fact she lives in another country isn’t so bad either), but my ex-mother in law was a royal bitch! So I can help you out there too.

If your kids are driving you crazy, call me and let’s talk bubba. I’ve got three and heaven help me to deal with them sometimes.

Now I don’t pretend to know everything, but I CAN offer you a common sense practical approach to MOST things you’re going to be struggling with, and at least if I don’t know something, you’re not going to get some corn-ball “Dr. Phil” kind of an answer about the subjects.

Oh, and by-the-way, I want to thank “Paul” (I think that was his name.) who called in from Colorado. Paul really nailed it, as to why things like Blacksburg happen, and the thing is, the reason he identified is probably the ONLY one that’s fixable. Check it out for yourself — you can listen to the show or download it at http://www.kingofcopy.com/radio

In fact, you can even download it on iTunes as an iPod podcast if you want. Just enter “Seductive Selling” on your iTunes podcast directory.

Now I’m going to wrap this whole thing up with one more item that’s interesting. See, I find situations like this very curious — they intrigue me… and that’s probably what makes me so effective at persuasion. But here’s my theory. I believe it’s easier for people to get on the phone and talk about pop culture, instead of their marketing, for THREE reasons, and I’ll be as blunt about this as I’ll be about anything else you might call in and ask me about:

One, it’s easier. If you ask me something about your marketing, presumably you’re going to have to fix what you’re doing now after I answer it, and since that takes work, no one wants to do that. WORK… is a four-letter word to most folks.

Two, most people are W-A-A-Y too uncomfortable to really be wealthy and successful. Even though I can fix your business and give you more wisdom to change your life in one phone call than if you went out and read five different books this month, in reality… you don’t want to change. See, change requires getting out of your comfort zone and most folks are just too “uncomfortable” doing this. So, if it means they’ll need to stay broke to avoid getting out of that comfort zone, they will.

Doesn’t make sense to me, but there again, I’m FAR more uncomfortable with stagnation than with progress. Maybe I’m just weird.

And lastly, I genuinely think most people don’t know where to start. They have so little knowledge about what’s even the “right” question to be asking me, they just figure they’ll never move forward anyway, so what the hell.

And I’m going to tell you a little secret about this last one on my next radio show that will make all this stuff crystal clear, so don’t miss out!

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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