What makes men rich?

Regardless of where you live and what you do, everyone wants money. It doesn’t even matter what age you are. My kids, who are now 17, 15, and 7, have all wanted money since they were little.

But if everyone wants it so badly, then why is it so few people ever find it?

Why is it that so many people obsess over nothing BUT money, only to have their obsessions left unfulfilled?

The answer is simple. They are looking for the wrong thing.

You see, your search for money isn’t what makes you wealthy or successful. The only thing that makes you rich is your search for knowledge… your desire to learn more and find a better way of doing something.

It is not by coincidence the wealthiest people I know are willingly, literally buried in information in their homes and offices. And when I visit with a friend who has a big library, with stacks of books piled everywhere, I feel energized and excited. Because I know that inside this material lie the keys to the universe and all the money, fame, fantasy and fortune you could ever want.

In my own home office, I recently had to buy a giant credenza and a nice stack of bookshelves, to add on to my already huge library, which occupies the entire inside of my walk-in closets. And yet, a week probably doesn’t go by where I don’t order another book or CD.

In fact, I can safely say I will never be able to read and consume all the information I will probably accumulate. But to me, having books around is like having old friends around, always there to welcome you with open arms. Even as I sit here gazing across the room looking at my meeting table — this too, is stacked with all kinds of books, CD’s and learning systems.

You know, if you’re going to pursue something, at least pursue something you can ultimately find, like new ideas. Because the truth is, unless you’re strolling up and down the beach with one of those long funny-looking metal-detectors, you simply can’t “find” money. You can only find wisdom and knowledge, and it’s your use and implementation of this wisdom and knowledge that leads you to the pot of gold you are seeking.

Or not.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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