Unique Selling Proposition – GREAT example of Unique market positioning: (Odd product)

This is a somewhat lengthy message, but the lesson it it, is VERY cool.  And it’s one you can probably use in your own business.

Yesterday afternoon, I got an e-mail from Doug of ForTequilaLovers.com

The message showed you a great example of how to create a Unique Selling Proposition.  Here’s a somewhat edited version of it:

One of the most exciting parts of this gig is that I get the opportunity to taste a huge variety of Tequila’s…many of which are produced by families that have been using the same methods for generations. This week I had the opportunity to taste Azunia Anejo, produced by the Sergio Zuniga Family.

The Zuniga family has generations of expertise in producing tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agaves that are grown in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico.  It is here, where the fertile volcanic terroir and soil were naturally deposited over 200,000 years ago by the once active  Tequila Volcano, that you will find the world’s most perfect soil and climate for growing the plant.

There in the sun-drenched fields surrounding the small town of Amatitan, where many consider it the birthplace of Tequila, that Sergio Zuniga’s family has been growing the finest Weber Blue Agave plants for generations. Their agave plants grow for 8 to 10 years, continuously receiving naturally produced rich nutrients from the fertile volcanic earth, until the sugars are at the optimal level and the pinas are at the perfect peak of ripeness,.

Each agave is then harvested and split by hand, and the prized piña is loaded onto a truck and transported to the Azunia distillery, where the process begins.

Azunia Pinas Cooking:

The first step is cooking the pinas. For their Anejo, the pinas cook in modern stainless steel autoclaves for up to 18 hours, and are then crushed in the pressing mills in order to extract the agave juice. Since the agave fibers may reabsorb much of the juice, the fibers are rinsed in order to obtain the optimal amount of juice from each press. The result of the wash is called aguamiel, or honey water.

Many tequilas use commercial yeasts to speed up fermentation. Azunia uses natural fermentation, which produces yeast naturally during the process. The tequila ferments for 5 to 7 days, depending upon outside temperature and humidity. Although it takes longer to ferment, only naturally produced yeast is in the tequila, which contributes to the distinct flavor of Azuñia.

After the natural fermentation process, Azunia is double distilled for purity. During the second distillation process, they separate the heads (first part through the pipe) and tails (last part through the pipe) of the juice, leaving only the middle pure, clear tequila. The tequila is then filtered one more time through a proprietary filtration process in order to achieve its smooth, luxurious flavor.

Finally, the añejo ages for a minimum of 12 months in American Oak barrels….and the result is spectacular!

Azunia is a small batch, limited production tequila currently available in only a handful of stores in the entire US.  But I’m really excited to offer you the opportunity to be the first amongst your tequila-drinking buddies to have a bottle of Azunia Tequila Anejo on your bar.  (NOT an aff link)

There were also a couple of VERY cool photos in the e-mail, as well.

There are a few things I want to point out about this:

What Doug did with this tequila, was the same thing Claude C. Hopkins did with Schlitz beer, back in the early 1900’s.

Doug did a GREAT job of simply describing, in specific detail, the manufacturing process of this tequila.

Which is probably, not much different from how most of their competitors make tequila.

The only difference is… I bet none of their competitors have ever taken the time to sit down and identify this process, in such detail, and in warm, plain and simple English.

As a result, you get a vivid description of the process which seems completely unique to Azunia, and so therefore, Azunia owns it.

Hopkins did the same thing with Schlitz beer – he shared the manufacturing process in their advertising (see here), and his strategy took the company from 5th, to 2nd, in marketplace sales.

The thing with this, is… even if what you do is NO different from what the next guy does… whoever is first to market with this, gets to “own” this uniqueness, for a while.

This is a GREAT way to position yourself in the marketplace, and…

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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