Undress yourself to success.

There’s one thing even the most timid person can do, that immediately increases your chances of persuading your prospects.

That thing is, to tell them a story about yourself.

Sounds too easy, right?

But that’s it — that’s all you really need to do, and here’s why:

People are inquisitive by nature, and even more inquisitive about the details of someone’s life. You see, we’re all living our own life, and for the most part, unsure about what goes on behind closed doors of the rest of the world.

This is precisely why there are so many tabloid newspapers and magazines (all of them quite successful)… this is why reality TV has taken over all aspects of television programming… and it’s why the Biography channel has no reason to slow down at all! In fact, they sell LOADS of DVD’s about a wide variety of people. Just last week I ordered a few of them myself (Bill Gates, George Reeves — the guy who played the original Superman on TV, and Helen Gurley Brown, if you can believe that one.)

What kinds of things do people want to know about you?

Lots of stuff, for example:

Where did you grow up and what was unusual about it?

Why did you get into the field you did? (Hint: if it was PURELY to make money, then you probably should talk about something else.)

Did you come from a big family?

What kinds of unusual things have you experienced in your life?

Do you have strong opinions or personality quirks others find interesting?

Basically, almost anything other than “the usual stuff” that everyone has experienced.

Also, your story needs to be captivating in the sense that you’re being genuine and open about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life. No one wants to hear how you went to the grocery story and they were out of your favorite yogurt or something — that’s about as interesting as a plank of wood. Just use common sense here.

Oh, and when you do this, why does it allow you to be persuasive?

The answer is simple, and actually, there are many reasons, but let me share a few of them with you: For starters, if you are sharing things about yourself, people become interested in YOU as a person, and they let down their guard about you as a “sales person.”

And making your prospects comfortable is the first step towards gaining their trust, right?

It’s also how you let people know you are real and not without your own flaws as well. Because remember, there is no such thing… and NO one trusts… the perfect… salesman!

Now go sell something, Craig

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