Top 10 things that appeal to your prospects

O.K., so usually when you’re writing copy, you get all caught up in the “thing” you’re trying to sell.  You’re really focused on the features and benefits and on trying to make yourself believable.  But the most important question you need to answer, is,,, “What about this “thing” I’m selling, is going to appeal to my buyer most?”

Remember, your prospects on the other side of the desk who are reading about whatever it is you’re offering — which are the only people who count, by the way — what’s most important to them are the “appeals” of you’re offer.

So with that in mind, keep this as sort of a checklist to go through, the next time you’re creating a sales letter or display ad or a landing page… or even if you’re making a video or an audio and you’re trying to sell something.

10.  Make sure there’s value in what you’re offering.

Let’s face it, no one’s going to want something they don’t perceive there’s a value to.  And that value is usually, in some way, created through the emotional appeals you’re making.

Keep in mind though, value should be in the eyes of the buyer, not you.  They sold millions of Pet Rocks when I was a kid, even though to me, personally, there was no value added.

In this particular case, believe it or not, one of the strongest appeals was the fact that loads of other people owned the Pet Rock – so it offered a sense of “belonging.”

Emotional appeals are very closely tied to value.  If you want more information on creating emotional appeals like this, there are 47 of them for you to uncover, right here.

9.  Make sure what you have to say is easy to understand.

Most people foolishly think their audience is so smart, they need to write on a “higher level.”  But you are dead wrong if you believe this.

Don’t mistake “reading level” with “communication level.”  See, everyone speaks a lot simpler than they can read.  Even if you’re a genius, if you want to get along in this world — and especially if you want to sell things — you need to communicate clearly, and simply.

You want to write the same way you’d be speaking to someone if you were sitting down and having a simple conversation with them.

I call this “cup of coffee” copy, and in my new book, there is an entire section (over 50 pages) devoted specifically to how to use “cup of coffee’ copy to sell, effectively.

8.  Your prospect should have a very clear cut understanding of “Why should they buy from you?”

If they can’t easily distinguish why someone should buy your goods and services from you instead of your competition, then you’re always going to be like the crab trying to climb up and out of the pot before you get boiled.

You might move forward a notch or two, but ultimately… you’re going to slip right back to the bottom.

7.  You should be credible.

Your prospects shouldn’t be questioning whether or not you have the right to be offering or selling the things you’re selling.

If you’re not credible, NO ONE is going to buy from you.

There are over a half-dozen strategies on how to be credible inside my book, on pages 285-286, 91-93, 306-307, and more starting on page 298.

6.  What you’re saying should be believable.

Believability is different from credibility.  Credibility is a “feeling” people have about you, but believability is black and white: Are you telling the truth?  Are your claims valid?

One of the smartest ways of being believable is by being specific and not vague.  Which leads me to the next appeal:

5.  Be specific.

See, not only does this make you believable, but it also helps set your buyers expectations.  The last thing you want, is to not be able to meet your buyers expectations, or for someone to think they’re getting “one thing” but in reality they’re getting “another” thing.

Being specific helps avoid this indecision and uncertainty and it creates realistic expectations.

4.  Make them curious.

If I had ONE trick, and one thing only up my sleeves, it would be to generate curiosity.  Curiosity is an incredibly compelling driver and human nature is such that when you’re curious, you will do almost anything to resolve this curiosity.

Throughout my book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” I have loads of strategies and “tricks” that show you how to leverage curiosity.  Especially on pages 300 through 309 – so make sure you have your highlighter handy when you’re coming through this section.

3.  Your buyer should perceive that the results they want out of your product, are easy.  That the product or service almost does the work for them.

No one wants to buy something they feel is going to demand too much of them.

This is sometimes tricky to do, because you don’t want to lie, but much of it has to do with your copy.

2.  No downside.

Buyers — especially new buyers — don’t want to assume any kind of risk they don’t need.  Guarantees, in this case, are almost essential if you want to create a loyal following.

And if you’re really and truly offering something special, then a guarantee shouldn’t be a problem at all.

For instance, my book, which talks EXTENSIVELY about guarantees on pages 145, 279, 295 – 299, and another half-dozen pages or so starting on page 317… actually comes with a LIFETIME guarantee.

Risk reversal like this is very important.

1.  And lastly, your appeal must have self-interest.

If you’re prospect doesn’t feel they have anything to gain in the first place, then you have wasted everyone’s time.

That’s why “attracting” prospects instead of chasing them down, is so important.  When you do this, your prospect has already let you know they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Equally important is knowing the reasons why your prospects buy.  Again, I talk about this extensively inside my new book and show you how to find these reasons out.

Use these appeals the next time you sit down and put together a sales piece or the next time you develop your selling formula.

Nearly all of these appeals have to be in place to make things work, so pay close attention to what you’re doing and think about things before you just go and do them.

A pad and a pen are your best friends in this planning phase, so use ’em wisely.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  “This is a step-by-step guide to building a business from ground up.”


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