To iPhone… or NOT to iPhone, THAT is the question.

Your decision to make almost EVERY purchase you will ever make for the rest of your life, is going to be based on some sort of an emotional reason.

You may or may not justify your purchase later on with some sort of logical reasons, to validate your decision, but make no mistake about it, emotion rules here, baby.

So for instance, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, then you’ve no doubt about the iPhone — Apple’s “Mac” of cell phones, that runs on AT&T’s (crappy) service.

If you didn’t know it already, Apple did a great job ramping this thing up in an advanced marketing campaign that’s allowed them to laugh all the way to the bank, in just the first 60 days alone.

Well over a million phones have already been sold, and at $600 bucks a pop — you do the math — but the numbers on this thing are HUGE.

Let’s take a brief look at just TWO of the emotional buy-buttons Apple successfully pushed to get people like me (We’ve got two of them.) to order.

For starters, the device pushed the “NEW” emotional buy-button, big-time. Since the dawning of time, humans have always wanted the newest gadgets, the latest technology and fashions, and the most cutting-edge performance — especially here in America.

Now you want to be careful here, because if you’re going to call something new, you’d better make SURE it’s new. If you’re lying — or even if you’re stretching the truth on this, all you’re going to do is piss people off, VERY quickly — so don’t screw around here. MAKE it new if you’re going to call it new.

With the iPhone, almost EVERY single aspect of it’s operation, AND it’s look, is new, so they certainly delivered on this one.

Now another buy-button that was pushed was “vanity.” And vanity can be used many different ways, but in this particular case, due to the (perceived) limited early availability of the iPhone… the high price of it (more than double what most cell phones cost)… and the sleek packaging of it — the box it came in was more like a small vault than anything else — Apple was very successful at giving you elite status by owning one.

Notice here, that low prices, and wide-spread availability had nothing to do with the success of this product. This was a high-end vanity sale all the way. (Pay close attention to this.)

Why did I buy these phones?

Actually it was none of these reasons, but I do spill the beans about what happened and why I was FORCED to get them, in this month’s Offline Seductive Selling Newsletter, which you can test-drive for FREE, but ONLY for TWO more days, and only right here:

Now go sell something, Craig

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