Time, the reaper.

So I’m talking to a woman I know yesterday. Very sharp personal trainer.

She’s also very knowledgeable. Most personal trainers aren’t really trainers, they’re more like personal “encouragers.” They are employees of their club, and the only thing they know about personal training is what their bosses tell them during their weekly group meetings.

You only need to look at the shape they are in, and the exercises they are putting their clients through, to know this. The thing that saves them, is… most of their clients are in such bad shape, getting them to do anything is better than what they’re doing now, so these trainers never really get questioned as to their ability.

This gal’s not like that, though. She’s well-studied, and even more important, she actually practices what she preaches. About 5-foot 3-inches, she weighs 110 pounds, and is all muscle. But not muscle in the bodybuilder way, muscle in the shapely and well-toned way. And at 47, that’s saying a lot.

She looks the way a “trainer” should look.

I was asking how her business was going, and she shyly said, “OK.” She doesn’t feel she’s really ready to “ramp it up” yet, though, because although she’s been working out for years, and living the lifestyle she advises her clients to live, she’s only been a trainer for a few years now.

In other words, she doesn’t feel she deserves to be more successful yet.

So I asked her “When will you be ready to start making more munney?”

“What do you mean?”

“What is the triggering factor that has to happen, for you to feel you are deemed worthy of moving on up? Do you need more clients — I mean, is there stuff you haven’t really experienced yet as a trainer?”


“If you work more hours will you be ready?”


“Will the passage of time and additional experience change your abilities at this point, dramatically?”


“Then what is the exact pain and suffering, or how much more time do you feel you need to spend struggling and “waiting,” until the moment is right for you? Who are you waiting for, to give you the permission you are seeking?”

When I asked her that last question, she just sat and paused. She didn’t have an answer, and I think it finally dawned on her that what she was looking for, doesn’t exist.

I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it a hundred times. In business, the “expert fairy” doesn’t come visit you to let you know you’re ready. She doesn’t burst through the doors of your office, waving her magic wand over your head to anoint you, and she doesn’t give you permission to be a success.

If you are “waiting” to make your move, you are paying a steep price. Not only financially, but you are burning time. And time is like a credit card — sort of. See, with a credit card, you only have a certain limit, but you can always refresh your limit, or ask for an extension.

But with time, there are no extensions, no do-overs and no credits. There is only one way your balance can move, and that is, down. Keep that in mind next time you say you’re “waiting” to do something, or waiting for the “right” moment.

In most cases, that moment is now.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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