Time Management: how to get 16 hours of work done… in your next 8 hours (tongue in cheek)

As you get older and more mature in your business, one of the most common problems you’re constantly going to have, is managing your time.

There simply never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, no matter how focused you are or how fast you’re working.

Even on those days where you get into the office and have all your time on your calendar laid out carefully, and you’re thinking… “Wow, today I can knock all this stuff out, and actually have time left over for me…” inevitably SOME-thing always seems to come up.


And so instead of being ahead of the game, by the end of the day, you find yourself right behind the 8-ball once again.

Well I have found a way of getting at least two days worth of work done, in only one day.

In fact, I just spent a full day getting WELL over two days worth of work done — probably more, if I’m honest.

Here’s how you do this:

You leave town.

Let me explain.  I’m leaving town on vacation and I had at LEAST two days worth of work to get done before I left.

And you know what?  I got ALL of it done.

Worked like a dog, but I got every bit of my work done, cleaned my desk off… and felt like a million bucks as I shut down my computer and turned the lights off on my way out of the office.

Bottom line is, nothing makes you work harder and more efficiently, than having an overwhelming deadline looming over you.

So here’s the deal.  I’m up north on vacation so normal daily e-mails are going to be spotty over the next week or so.  Hopefully I’ll be able to show you a couple of vacation pictures and maybe even give you some good marketing or copywriting strategies over the next week, but who knows.

After all, I worked like a dog before I got out of here… so I’m looking forward to having some well-earned fun.

Talk to you soon.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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