Three simple customer involvement devices that work

I have three kids — 19, 17, and 9 years old.  And for the most part they’re “good” kids, which means the amount of dysfunctional behavior that goes on in my house, isn’t any different from what’s going on anywhere else.

I’ve always tried to be a responsible parent, and so of course, one of the things that’s always been difficult is discipline.  I mean, who enjoys disciplining their kids, right?

No one in their right mind enjoys taking stuff away… issuing curfews… and limiting privileges.  But, if you want to raise responsible kids, unfortunately… there’s no way around discipline.

One thing that’s recently helped is something I learned about giving choices to your kids when you’re disciplining them.  So for example, instead of telling your child, “Do your homework now.”  You might say something like, “Listen, you can either do your homework now, or finish this up in five minutes and then do your homework — which one of these do you want to do?”

Not the most glamorous example of how effective this technique is, I know.  But you get the gist of what I’m trying to say, right?

Anyway, this stuff really works.  See, when kids (or anyone, for that matter, right?) feel THEY are in control over what they’re doing, then they are much more likely to actually go ahead and DO something.

After all, no one likes to be bossed around and told what to do, right?


Now the other thing this does is, it gets the kids involved in their own lives.  And whenever you get someone involved in something, it immediately becomes more important to them.  They now have a vested interest in making something happen, in moving forward.

And getting your prospects involved in whatever media or marketing information you’re using to communicate with them, often has the same impact.  Once they’re involved with your marketing, they become involved with you.  And it’s a lot easier for someone to buy from you, when they’re involved with you.

So here are a three simple ways you can get your prospects involved with you through your promotion:

1. Quizzes.

Something as simple as this, is very effective: “Is your child ready for college?  Take this Road to Success Quiz and find out…”

By challenging your prospect, you not only get them involved, but you’re also now in a position to give them some really great information that helps them make effective buying decisions.

2.  “Cup of coffee” copy.  I talk more about this in my upcoming book, How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, but basically, you want to talk to your prospects the same way you might sit down and have a conversation with an old friend of yours over a cup of coffee.

Engaging someone in a conversation is a very solid involvement device — at least, as long as you’re saying something interesting, it is.

3.  And lastly, as often as you can, weave stories and human interest elements into your sales material.  This is the fabric of life.  These are the things that go into and out of our minds throughout the day, and these are the things that make handling all the stress and dysfunction, worth while.

Do these things and your prospects won’t only be involved with your copy — they’ll be involved with you.

And from a sales standpoint… it doesn’t get any better than that.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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