These 3 things he taught me, saved my life

Today is my older son’s 21st Birthday.  And with the exception of my wife, Nick’s probably taught me more about life, than anyone else I’ve known.

In fact, it all started the day he was born.

If you’re read my book, then you know I had a rusty start in life.  So I was pretty damn ignorant when it came to how to raise a child or what to do.  All I knew was what NOT to do, which is good… but doesn’t really fill in the gaps you need, if you know what I mean.

Let me share some of them.

1.  Just before Nick was delivered, the nurse anesthesiologist turned to me (I still remember this like it was yesterday, even though it happened 21 years ago) and out of nowhere, said to me, “OK, so you know what your job is now, right?”

And I said, “Yes, to make sure he gets over all the rocks he will have put in front of him.”

She said, “No, that’s not correct.  Your son is going to jump over many rocks you don’t even know about.  Your job is to make sure he’s the best rock-jumper he can be, and then the rest is up to him.”

I’d never saw things this way, but this was priceless advice to me — advice I’ve tried to follow daily for the last 21 years.

2.  Nick’s taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

Unconditional love means just that.  It means even when you’re pissed off as hell at that person, that you love them unconditionally.  That you’re there for them, unconditionally.  And there’s no agenda other than this.

I never had that, so frankly… I didn’t understand it.

I do now, and Nick’s a big part of the reason why.

3.  And lastly, he helped me replace resentment with self-acceptance, and anger with love..

I had a lot of resentment about my own childhood, but over time — especially over the last fifteen years or so — I’ve learned to replace this resentment with acceptance.

The truth is, anger is probably the most destructive emotion you can experience.  And I realized, unless I eliminated my own anger… I’d always have much more difficulty loving and being loved, by others.

And it’s worked out great – swapping anger for love is a very good deal, I assure you.

The good news is, Nick’s only 21, which means… I’ve got a lot more to learn  :-)

Happy Birthday, Nick.  And thanks for being… you.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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