The WHOLE truth

O.K., so I’m assuming there were other people besides me scrambling to get their taxes done last week.

And if you are one of these folks, then I share your pain.

But today, let’s talk about the truth.

The truth is, nothing sounds as believable as the truth, as the truth itself. The truth isn’t vague… it’s not filled with gaps and missing pieces… and it’s usually fairly specific and in many cases, it’s quantifiable.

It also usually “feels” really good and it sounds just right.

And funny enough, no one typically questions whether or not it’s the truth.

Oh, you may have an odd one or two who do, over the years. I remember one time I had a guy send in an e-mail telling me it’s impossible to get response rates I’ve hit. He was specifically referring to

But you just delete those messages. People like this aren’t going to buy anything that’s going to make them succeed, anyway. They’re not attracted to the truth – perhaps they’re afraid of it, or who knows what?

Not my problem in any case, and not yours either.

If you want to sell, sell the truth. And sell it by being creative not hypey. Hype removes credibility and usually distorts the truth, anyway.

If you go through all the sales letters I’ve written – even here on my own site at – you see imagination and creativity, more than hype.

If you can’t sell without the hype, then it means your product needs to be improved so you can tell the truth about it.

And that’s… the truth… about the truth.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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