The myth of "hype" and why it doesn't work:

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say that most sales letters are VERY poorly written.


They’re either dull and uninteresting, or they so filled with hype and hysteria, there’s no valid substance to anything.

In either case, though, the end result is most people never read these letters and so nothing ever gets sold.

Buy why doesn’t hype work? After all, there’s so much of it going around, it has to work, no?

No, it doesn’t have to work and the truth is, it doesn’t work very effectively, in spite of what you might think. And in spite of what others lead you to believe.

And here’s why: when you’re writing a sales letter, you need to think about things from your reader’s perspective.

See, when your prospect is reading the sales letter, in their mind they’re sitting down across from you, listening to what you have to say. They’re not thinking about how badly you want to sell them something — frankly, they could care less.

Remember, from their perspective it’s not about you, it’s about what you can do for them.

And so that’s why hype doesn’t work too well, any more than SHOUTING at someone in person is going to work well.


You want to speak calmly, and you want to be approachable, controlled and confident, yet… you want to be understanding and empathetic at the same time.

Got it?


Just remember, no matter what anyone tells you, all your prospects are looking for is a little respect and common courtesy.

It’s just like your momma used to tell you — “You win more with honey than vinegar.” Especially in marketing.

Now go sell something, Craig

P.S. I received a great e-mail the other day from Ron Pippin out of Ogden, Utah:

“I related well to your recent issue of Seductive Selling about how time flies by and (how) we can’t get that back. Kids grow up faster than we ever think. And before you know it they are gone.

Our work is important but can never replace our families. So, off Sandy and I went to give her a little “chill” time.

Guess, what? My work was till there when I got back. Imagine that?

Thanks Craig! Love the work you are doing.”

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