The current events "myth" and why everyone gets it all wrong

Many people hear things like “if you want to get your prospect’s attention, then talk about the things they are talking about right now.”

This goes way back to Robert Collier’s comments on “entering the conversation your prospect is currently having inside their heads.”

The problem is, most people do this all wrong.

So for example, the most obvious thing people are talking about nowadays is how the recession is impacting your business or how the recession is preventing you from making your house payments or whatever.

But merely saying this alone is like running an ad that says you’re a veterinarian and you take care of pets. It’s not going to make anyone do anything.

See, when you’re towing the current event party line, what you really want to talk about is how you’re solving your prospect’s problems that’ve developed as a result of whatever current event you’re mentioning.

So you want to talk about the frustrations they’re having because things are getting tight… you want to talk about how sad it is Americans across the country are living in fear over not being able to pay their bills and stay current on things… about how uncertain things are and not knowing what to do based on what the government’s telling us.

Tap into your prospects fears and into what’s keeping them lying in bed awake at night. Talk about things that touch their heart and soul — not things that just skim the surface of their skin.

It’ll make a big difference to your prospects — and to your sales.

Now go sell something, Craig

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