"That's Entertainment"

Today I want to go over the third step in the 3-step formula to constructing your sales conversation with your prospect.

The first two steps, which we covered already are: educate… and inform… and today the final step we’ll talk about is “entertain.”

First of all, why do you want to entertain your prospect? After all, you’re not a comedian or an actor, and they haven’t paid money to see you perform, right?

Well… that’s true. Bug when I say entertain, I don’t mean entertain as in “stand up comedy routine” entertain. I mean entertain as in “engage your prospect in a positive and enthusiastic manner.”

Meaning, you want to put a smile across your prospect’s face. You want to be the bright ray of sunshine in their day.

See, when people feel good about the energy coming out of you, they are relaxed and very receptive to what you have to say. And they feel good about you, which is the most important thing, when you’re trying to sell something.

After all, could you imagine buying something from someone you don’t feel good about?

No way, right?

So, how do you entertain your prospects?

Well, today I’m going to tell you how to NOT entertain them, first. And then in my next tip I’ll show you how to actually entertain.

You don’t entertain them by being funny. And there are two reasons for this:

One, what you think is funny may be irrelevant or even in bad taste to your prospect. And two, when it comes to money, people are dead serious about opening up their wallets.

You want to be taken seriously and meaningfully. You want to have value. People aren’t usually cracking up over jokes when they’re making buying decisions, now are they?

Most of the time I see people trying to use humor and it’s all wrong. They’re cracking jokes, not creating a relationship.

Save your jokes for your friends, but be dead serious with your prospects.

Like I said, next time we’ll cover how to entertain. But for today, just…

Go sell something, Craig Garber

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