Testimonial letters — what to do and what to never EVER do

People often ask me what the best kinds of testimonial letters should say, and the answer is actually quite simple.

Good testimonial letters should be like verbal “snapshots” of the difference between what your life looked like BEFORE you used the product or service, and what it’s like right now, AFTER you’ve used whatever it is you’re selling.

It’s kind of like the “before and after” pictures you see when someone’s selling diet products.

Remember, the purpose of the testimonial is to give your product or service credibility, and to help with your own believability.

Which is why… good testimonial letters have to be specific. After all, talking about something in generalities is worthless.

“That cake tastes great” pales in comparison to “That new chocolate cake you baked, tasted like something my grandmother made, back in the 1970’s. It was moist… but the moistness wasn’t overwhelmed by sugary fillers. It was really different — it was moist AND flakey, which is very unusual. Plus, not only was the chocolate so full of flavor, it was like you were biting into a milk chocolate bar… but the cherry flavor also made this very unique. Anyone who likes chocolate will LOVE this cake.”

See the difference?

You can even use a testimonial to support a guarantee you might have.

For instance, if one of your customers tells you, “My lawn’s never been greener since I started working with you,” and then you back this up with, “In fact we Guarantee you the greenest lawn you’ve ever seen, or else you pay nothing”…

This packs quite a wallop.

Make sense?


OK, gotta run… squirrels are gathering outside my patio and they look angry.

Have good weekend.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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