Story: The cocoon (read this you'll be glad you did)

This story was adapted from an e-mail I received from my friend Christian Godefroy, that he sent out to his French members.  if you like stories like this, visit his website here.

One day, an opening appeared in a cocoon.  A man sat and watched the struggling butterfly trying to emerge for hours.  During this time, the butterfly was trying to push his wings out through his shelter, hoping to force the small hole in it to grow big enough to let him out.

It seemed to man that the insect was not progressing.  He would go as far as he could, but then he did not move.  So the man took a pair of scissors and carefully enlarged the hole in the cocoon to help the butterfly out.

Naturally, it then emerged, quite easily.

But the butterfly had a weak body and its crumpled wings were atrophied.

“No problem, it will develop,” thought the man.  And he continued watching the butterfly, expecting to see it spread its wings and fly.  But… this never happened.

What happened was, the butterfly spent the rest of his life crawling on his little body, unable to use its stunted wings.

What the man in his hasty goodness, did not realize, was that the tight cocoon is a test of nature, that forces the butterfly to train its wings.  It is only after he has passed this test, that he can begin to fly.

And like the butterfly, we also have filters to squeeze through, and obstacles to overcome in order to have a fulfilling life of our own.  See, sometimes our fears, our failures, and our hard times are exactly what we need to experience, in order to prepare us for the next step.

If nature allowed you to advance in life without ever encountering any obstacles, we would be ill-prepared for what lies ahead.  We would be like the butterfly who hasn’t had an opportunity to prove his wings are worthy of flight.

Freedom is hard won, but… rarely do we fly without training first.

Have a great weekend.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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