Step 2: Inform – it's not what you think.

Yesterday we talked about the first step in the 3-step formula to constructing your sales conversation with your prospect. That step was to “educate,” and today we’re going to talk about the second step, which is to “inform.”

Remember, putting your pitch together using each of these steps leads you to a sale — in print or using any other media or way of communicating.

Most people think “informing” your prospect is the same thing as educating them, but it’s not.

Informing prospects, in this case, refers to giving them interesting facts about your product or service, which they probably aren’t aware of. What you’re trying to do here is create curiosity in your prospect’s mind.

When your prospects are curious about you, they take a vested interest in you and you’ve successfully “implanted” yourself into their minds. And once your prospect sees you or your goods and services as a part of their life, you’re much closer to making a sale.

Here are a couple of examples of how to inform people.

Let’s say you’re selling a vacation destination or a piece of property, even. One of the things you can talk about are the local customs and rituals that people really enjoy.

For instance… “Did you know, the land that The Palace was originally built on, was actually ancient holy worshipping grounds the natives held sacred? And if you look out back, just behind the Pineapple Bar, overlooking the ocean… you’ll see 12 acres of sacred land that’s been preserved for over 1,650 years, in it’s original state.

When you visit this sacred forest, near dusk, you’ll often see loads of Hawthorne rabbits and Gully foxes, roaming across the grounds as they’ve done for centuries. Adults and children are often treated to the sounds of hoot owls, as well as their majestic flight as they come swooping down, hunting for grubworms…”

Now you may or may not like that particular description, but you’d have a hard time ignoring it, and ignoring the pictures it conjures up in your mind.

The bottom line is, informing your prospect by creating curiosity is one of the most important things you can do to get them vested in what you’re selling.

Make sure you don’t forget that.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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