Special EXTRA Bonus Just announced:

On Thursday night’s “How To Be Real” workshop, in addition to the 9 parts of the workshop you’re already getting, I am also going to toss ANOTHER Special Bonus in:

On top of everything else, you’ll also be getting actual swipe file examples of real live copy I’ve written! We’ll use these examples to go over the material from various parts of the call.  This way, you get to see not only “theory,” but even more important — real-life application, as well!

Here’s everything that’s included on this workshop:

1.  90-minutes of all fresh new content telephone workshop, (a $750 Value at my $500 hourly rate)!

2.  A 36-page workbook for you to use and follow along with, during the call.  The workbook is set up so you can fill in the blanks and make notes on it, while you’re listening to the call. This way your experience and what you get out of this call, has much more of an impact because you’re involved in the learning process itself.  ($47 Value)

3.  If you can’t make the call, don’t worry, because you’re going to get an mp3 recording of it, which you can download and listen to, on your computer (or on your iPod), at your convenience.  Also, since most of these concepts are going to be brand spanking new to you, you’ll be able to listen to this recording over and over again, as well as use it to fill-in all the data in your workbook. ($97 Value)

4.  You’ll get a transcript of the call, in case you’re more of a visual person, and you prefer reading over listening. ($47 Value)

5.  After the call, I’ll spend up to 90 MORE Minutes in a Q & A Session, answering any questions you have about the material we covered on the call!  You can ask me how to apply the material to your particular business… how to use the strategies you just learned… and how to avoid making the mistakes you’re currently making (and what you should be doing, instead). ($750 Value at my $500 hourly rate)

6.  In case you live in Europe and either can’t stay up that late or you can’t make the call, you’ll get a special e-mail address to send your questions to, for me to answer.  And by the way, I’ll take questions during the Q & A portion, from people living in Europe, first.

7.  You’ll also get an mp3 recording of the Q & A Session, to listen to at your convenience. ($47 Value)

8.  You’ll also get a transcript of the Q & A Portion of the call, as well.  ($47 Value)

9.  And… ANOTHER Special Bonus which I’ll announce later (at least another $47 Value)  This bonus will be mailed to you, and you won’t even have to pay anything for shipping – it’s on me!

Register for this one-time-only call, Right Here.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Apparently, being real isn’t such an easy thing to do, nowadays.  Find out why, and uncover The 5 Simple Copywriting and Marketing Strategies that Make You Real, on Thursday’s call.

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