Some things to know before you retire.

I have some sort of a game plan in my head that when I turn 50 I’m going to semi-retire. That’s like another 6 more years.

I realize though, if I keep my good health and my energy level the way it is now, I need to have some game-plan for what I’m going to do at that time.

I’d still want to publish my offline newsletter — that’s really a labor of love . But I’m not so stupid as to think I’m going to be satisfied just sitting around and doing all the things I don’t get to do as much as I like, right now.

I know I can only read so many books, listen to so much music, play guitar only so much, draw and smoke cigars and drink only so many cups of coffee, before I start going nuts. And I also know, as much as I love my wife, that spending every waking hours with her, day after day and month after month, probably won’t work either.

So, I’ve been reading up about retirement a little, and what I’m hearing isn’t too good.

The bottom line is that once you retire — for most people — you’re not perceived to be the same person you were before you retired. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

It seems that the most important thing is to keep your to-do list filled. Otherwise, how many times can you empty out your bookshelves, and how many old videos can you catch up with before you go nuts?

I’ve also read about how, for the most part, if you didn’t do X, Y, and Z before you retired, it’s not likely you’ll take them up after you retire. Again, this is stuff that applies to the majority of people, not necessarily to you or me. But… like I said, I’m in the information-gathering stage so I need to know all this.

Most folks also advise that unless your kids need your help, forget about leaving them a large estate. I’m all for that one, definitely. I haven’t created what I’ve done to make sure when I’m dead, someone else will profit from it — I want to enjoy what I’ve earned while I’m alive.

Sheesh, once you start looking into this stuff, it’s kind of depressing isn’t it?

I had an old attorney friend who used to tell me that in his opinion, the best estate plan was to accumulate all your money, and then pass it on to some hot little wife who was about one-third your age. And since there’s an unlimited marital exemption, you’d get to pass it all to her with no taxes.

I’m not sure about that plan, for myself anyway. It sounds nice, but I think I’d drive some young girl nuts. I’d age her pretty rapidly — I’m just too demanding.

I may have to re-think this retirement plan of mine, or at least come up with a back-up plan in case it doesn’t work out. If you have any ideas about this, let me know. I’ve got 6 years to figure it out and I’d sure appreciate it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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