Small Business Marketing: The one question no one asks, but you'd better answer

Unless you’re selling water in the desert, there’s one question everyone who’s reading your sales letters wants to know.

They want to know why they should buy this stuff from YOU.

In other words, what makes YOU different from the next guy selling this… or from the guy your prospect just heard from, right before you?

What makes you different, or unique from the rest?

Some people refer to your answer to this question as a USP (As in, “What is your Unique Selling Proposition?”)

And admittedly, this isn’t always an easy question to answer.

So today I want to give you some insight on how to figure out what makes you “different.”

Frankly, there are lots of ways, but the most important thing to remember, is to avoid being a commodity.

See, whenever you’re a commodity, people only have one thing to talk about – price.

If you’re selling something a million other people sell, you might be fooled into thinking the best way to be different is to be the cheapest guy in town.

But this only makes you different until the next guy who thinks he’s smarter than you, decides to undercut your prices.

This is a bottomless strategy that has no winning — only degrees of loss.

You have to “be” more than just your product or service.  You can’t be like everyone else, otherwise no one’s going to have a specific reason to do business with you.

This is a great topic and it’s one I can discuss for hours, but obviously we don’t have that kind of time, so let me give you three simple things you can do to be different.  If you’re clever, some of these can remove you from the ‘commodity’ situation, as well.

1.  Guarantee as much as you can.

And… give multiple guarantees for every aspect of your services or products, where ever your buyers perceive there is risk.

2.  Serve ONE section of the marketplace only.

Or, serve multiple sections but use different marketing for each one.

This can be done by gender… demographics… culture… affluence… style… or even business philosophy.

This is a great way to be different and it’s least likely to be stolen from you.

3.  Create a sub-specialty within your area, and if possible, make it an important one.

For instance, within the category of direct-marketing consultants, I have a sub-specialty of copywriting.

And it doesn’t hurt that particular sub-specialty this takes any good marketing strategy you might be using… and amplifies it far beyond anything else.

But there again… you probably know this already, right?  :-)

Point is, be different, and be good.  Or just be good at being different.

Either way, you’ll be doing a lot better than everyone else.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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