Small Business Marketing – The 5 hidden benefits of charging more:

Many people are afraid of high prices.

They’re afraid of spending big money, and they’re also afraid of charging more money.

And this will ALWAYS be the case, by the way. I have NEVER seen someone who’s too cheap to spend their own money, ever be able to successfully charge others more money. Call it karma, or call it justice, that’s just the way it goes.

Anyway… there are lots of benefits that come with charging top-dollar, besides the obvious one, which is, “making more.” So today, let’s talk about some of them:

1. High prices alone can increase sales

QUALITY buyers often assume higher prices equate to greater value.

But remember, you’ll only get the benefit of the doubt on this, ONCE. So make sure you deliver and don’t waste your buyer’s time and money.

2. High prices generate curiosity

And curiosity is one of the MOST compelling buy-buttons you can push.

3. High prices stimulate want

No one longs for cheap stuff. Quick: Old Spice or Farenheit? Disneyworld or Busch Gardens? New York City or Shamokin?

4. A high price presumes great value

All you need to do is justify this. Meaning, your buyer is already open and expecting you to be selling something really cool. The job is yours to have, if you want it — no convincing involved.

5. Higher prices give you MUCH better quality customers.

The absolute WORST thing you can do to yourself, is have a bunch of tight-assed tire-kickers as your customer base. Folks like this will dilute your cash-flow and make you insane.

But hey, it’s your business — have it your way, I guess.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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