Small Business Marketing Strategy: When! Hype! Fails! (but wait… there's more!)

My older son Nick has a saying.  He says, “Just because a thousand people say something stupid, doesn’t mean it’s not stupid.”

And this is the reason for the incredible proliferation of wild, hyped up headlines, offers and sales copy, especially online.

Really, it has to do with social proof.

People tend to think, if they’re seeing something over and over again, then it must be working.  Kind of like how most people advertise in the yellow pages.  If you’re a financial planner, or a plumber, or a temp employment agency… you look at all the other ads in your section, and you assume they must be working, and so you design your ad to look similar to these ads.

And this is why it’s really bad (and dangerous, in this case), to assume.

Sure, if you’re selling something in the get-reech quick, biz opp marketplace… you can get away with being hypey — at least… the first time someone buys from you.

But that’s only because this marketplace is filled with dreamers, and not too many doers.  They thrive on believing in the impossible, but that’s because they have virtually zero belief in themselves.

However, the rest of the world, who’s selling to “normal” – and when I say normal, I don’t want to imply I’m normal, by a long-shot… so let me just qualify what I mean.  “Normal,” meaning, buying simply because you want something and you actually plan on using it, and without any dysfunctional or behavioral issues involved in your purchase.

Anyway, the REST of the world… wants to be spoken to like adults.  Like competent adults, actually.

They want you to give it to them straight… not waste their time… and not try and pull the wool over their eyes.

They want you to just be a sincere human being.  And gosh darn-it, if that’s too much to ask from you…

Then you probably aren’t entitled to sell them anything.

And that’s the fact, Jack.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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