Small Business Marketing: Point of arousal

Most people don’t know how to sell.

They come close… but they miss a few key components that would otherwise make the sale work like gangbusters.

For example, if someone’s selling an expensive pair of jeans, they’ll talk about things like the kind of materials used to make the jeans, and where they come from.

But what you have to understand about selling, is that when you sell… you have to arouse people’s desires — what they want.  Not what they need.

Because people only buy what they want.  What they need is irrelevant, and frankly, outside of food, shelter, and health… you really don’t have too many ‘needs,’ anyway.  The rest is all “what you want.”

And the best way to figure out what people want is to ask the question “Why do you really buy this?”

Most of the time, the best answers will come from your buyers themselves – as long as they’re being honest with you.

What I mean by that is, if you look at tabloid magazines for instance… most people will tell you they buy these magazines because they want to know what’s going on in Hollywood, or with celebrities.

But the real truth, is they like to get all the dirt on people.  They want to hear about the scandals, screw-ups, and highs and lows of incredibly wealthy peoples lives.

Few people will tell you this, though, so you really have to dig here.

Let’s take a look at a two more examples of “want” versus “need:”

Upscale Jeans:

Typical need sold to: high-quality fabric, well-manufactured

Real Wants:  Look hot, envy of your friends, people think you’re on the leading edge of fashion, people think you are wealthy, attract LOTS of attention

Cosmetic Surgery:

Typical need sold to: NONE.  I’ve never seen anything other than things like “Nose job…” or “Breast augmentation…” or “Tummy tuck.”  This is one of the highest-priced items and it’s never really “sold,” per se.

And yet, it still sells like crazy.  Imagine if someone really did something with this marketplace that had to do with selling!

Real Wants:  Look younger, look hotter, more attractive, get more attention from the opposite sex, become the envy of peers your own age, reverse the aging process, become admired by many, wear hot clothing, new styles, get looks and stares and more attention from all kinds of people, get rid of the “old you,” start life fresh, new self esteem… you get the picture here, right?

You’re probably never seen cosmetic surgery sold like that, but that’s what people WANT.  That’s why they get it.

I hope something else is starting to become clear here.  And that is… it almost doesn’t matter how you sell cheap and inexpensive items.

Cheap goods and services don’t necessarily cater to wants.  They cater to needs.

And that’s because, no one “wants”… the cheapest brand… of anything.  So it doesn’t really matter what you say when you’re selling these items.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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