Small Business Marketing: Important news for type 'A' personalities only

For type ‘A’ personalities only

Twenty years ago I never believed I’d be saying what I’m about to tell you.

And that is, there are some serious benefits to aging.

One of the most important benefit has been slowing down.  Not slowing down because you can no longer go as fast as you used to (yet!)… but consciously slowing down because you value your time more.

And when you value your time more… I assure you, that’s when you make the most of it.

So where, when I was younger (I’m 47 now), I’d just go and “jump” into loads of different things at once… today, I really consider why I’m doing something… whether or not there’s a better (as in, more effective, or faster, or more valuable) use of my time… and what is the REAL outcome I’m looking for.

When you do this, it’s really amazing how the game changes.  How much calmer you are… how much more focused you are… and how much quicker things happen.

Unfortunately, most people either don’t want to slow down, or don’t want to think things through… or they’re just so manic, they don’t put enough planning into writing their sales messages.

This is one of the MOST common mistakes I see, when doing copywriting critiques.

Specifically, here are two areas where this tends to create the biggest mistakes in sales letters or marketing pieces in general:

1.  Purpose

You should have ONE thing you’re trying to do – regardless who you’re speaking to.

Typically you want to either generate a lead… OR sell something.

But never both.

What usually happens is, most people are so damn eager to sell, even when they’re generating leads… they “plant seeds” of selling into their messages.

Don’t do that, it’s creepy.  No one cares how much you want to sell them something — that’s your problem, not theirs.

Just do one thing, and then you can focus all your energy and effort into getting that one thing done… and most important — getting it done right.

2.  Buy-buttons.

There are only going to be two or three PRIMARY emotional buy-buttons you need to push, to get your buyers to take action.

Focus on them — hit ’em hard, in fact — but don’t feel you need to take them through the range of every single emotion out there.

You don’t have to make someone feel greedy, happy, sad, envious, jealous, hopeful, and nostalgic… all at once.  (Unless they are on meds and you want to have some fun.)

(go here for more info on how to push your prospects emotional buy buttons and make them say ‘yes’)

Make sense?

Good.  Have yourself a great weekend, but before that…

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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