Small Business Marketing, Free Test Drive: Oh, one more thing, and it's important

I normally only allow new people to take a free test-drive of Seductive Selling during the month the current issue is published.  So for example, typically, if you want the December issue, you’ve got to order it in December.

I am going to make a one-time exception to this, because of the holiday.  Most people aren’t thinking of business during the holiday and things tend to slow down a bit.  However, since we’ve already received comments about how great last month’s issue was, and how helpful the Audio Success CD Interview of the month was (it was an interview with David Ogilvy), I am going to allow people to take the test-drive and get the December 2010 issue – but you must take your free test-drive by this Wednesday, the 6th.  Don’t forget – SSNL comes with a “make $15,000 or it’s free” guarantee.  Here’s what you’re missing this month:

This issue is called “I is for Ivren” (don’t bother looking it up, you’ll find nothing) and inside we reveal:

A “patch” that rapidly took sales from $5 Million to $13 Million

*  The 2 most powerful sales training programs you can experience (on page 1)

*  An important story about selling people things they need

*  How, by listening to some “gurus,” you will actually DELAY and suppress any success you might actually get to experience (page 2)

*  Yet another example of life’s ‘filter’ for success

*  How to “position” even the simplest product or service… so it’s completely different from ALL your competitors – making you unique in your marketplace (this old copywriting trick, finally revealed on page 2)

*  9 Lessons on selling, marketing, and writing copy, from legendary ad man, David Ogilvy, in this special nearly hour-long rare interview (page 3)

This month’s Classic Ad Review digs up an amazing consumer product ad written by the legendary Gene Schwartz

*  You’ll see how Schwartz used a very unconventional photo to create intense curiosity, and how you can do the same thing in your promotions

*  How to write very compelling sales copy that acts as an incredible ‘involvement device’ establishing IMMEDIATE rapport between you and your buyers (page 4)

*   A very simple but incredibly important selling consideration I’ve seen literally TWO people give consideration to, over the last 11 years (top of page 5)

*  MOST important place to put your guarantee

*  A disturbing piece of information regarding Justin Bieber

*  TEN pages of LIVE marketing examples broken down and analyzed for you!

In this month’s Q & A column: Part 3 (final segment) of how to lay out your sales letters and marketing pieces.  In this issue:

–  Offline and online use of: Margin widths… headlines, sub-headlines, and body copy… banners

–  And, what you MUST know about the four different kinds of software you can use, to put your ads and sales letters together: How to avoid problems and maximize your time!

*  2010 Holiday Hopes, Dreams, and all that jazz…

In this month’s Weekend Update News column:

–  Reasons to be optimistic… The NEW Rules of the Shopping Game… What to do in the middle of a sixty-nine (and what NOT to do)… Crime doesn’t pay… Skill sets that pay… Gift cards… Charity… and Cool URL’s

*  And in this month’s Back End: The Lost Art Of… Everything

Test drive Seductive Selling free and get 18 (yes, eighteen!) REAL bonus gifts — see why it’s the fastest-growing marketing newsletter, going on 5 years now!  Comes with a “Make $15,000 or it’s free, Guarantee!”

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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