Small Business Marketing: Ever wish you could wire someone's jaw shut?

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*** Now here’s today’s tip:

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who’s either just rambling on, non-stop — typically about something either completely useless or utterly insignificant to anyone outside of themselves.  Or else, they’re simply taking forever to get to the point?

Of course you have.

I have the patience of a gnat, so for me… this is like the kiss of death.  In fact, to me there is perhaps NOTHING more irritating than this.

When I’m in this situation, I immediately wish I were anywhere else on earth except in front of that person.  And I will actually start fantasizing and going other places in my mind, while the person is sitting there rambling on in front of me.

It’s like I am basically allergic to people who do this.

And while my reaction to this situation is admittedly extreme… most people have similar feelings – just not as severe a reaction.

Which is why, especially when you’re in a selling situation, you must to get to the point sooner than later.

Now mind you – this doesn’t mean you have to start selling right away.  What I’m talking about is how you relate to people.

Regardless what you’re talking about, you need to get to your point, and you need to get to it quickly.

This guarantees a few things:

1.  If you get to the point quickly, your reader also gets to make a quick decision if they are even “into” what you have to say.

If you don’t get there quickly – I’ve got news for you: they aren’t sticking around too long, to make that decision.

2.  It shows you respect other’s time.

And this can’t happen until you respect your own time.  Which might be something you need to look into.

3.  And lastly, it’s just common sense.

If you know people don’t like when other people beat around the bush, then why do it?

What’s in it for you?

You know what comes out of doing this?

Yep, you got it: absolutely NOTHING comes out of this.

It’s the exact OPPOSITE of what you want to do if you’re interested in forming long-term quality relationships with your buyers.

So get in… say what you need to… and then…

Close the deal.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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