Small Business Marketing: Cheap 2-step lead generation strategies:

Today I want to show you some very simple, yet quite powerful marketing strategies that can add LOADS of “free money” to your bottom line.

And when I say “free money,” what I’m referring to is additional dollars you’ll collect, AFTER you’ve already spent money acquiring your leads and after you’ve made your initial sale.

I love strategies like this because they’re clever, and because they’re easy to implement.  And when something’s easy to implement, you get results fast, which means you can also go back in there and refine your strategies quickly, as well.

Most important, they give you extreme leverage and boost your customer value off the charts.  And when you’ve got a higher customer value, it also lets you spend a little more to acquire your customers, or to acquire better customers than your competition can afford to do.

So without any further ado… let’s talk about: Cheap 2-Step Lead Generation

There are tons of businesses out there that need to use two-step lead generation, but they simply can’t afford it. These are typically businesses that sell directly to consumers, and their numbers just
can’t support spending as much money as you need to spend, to acquire leads through a two-step process.

Their front-end business is limited or not priced high enough to justify using 2-step lead acquisition… and they either haven’t figured out a back-end, or their simply isn’t one. Examples: knife sharpening… repair businesses (furniture, appliance, situational automobile repairs like dents and scuffs)… Zippo Lighter Repairmen… chimney cleaners (yes you can have an automatic plan, few will take it – at least here in Florida, anyway)… and other service-oriented industries.

Along these lines, here’s a pretty good ad ran by one of these types of businesses I’m referring to, in Example 1. These guys clean dryer vents — or at least, that’s how they are trying to get leads, right?

(Note: you can find Example 1 in this month’s issue of Seductive Selling, which mailed out today.)

If they are smart, they probably clean other ducts inside your home as well.  You know, things like removing mites and dust from filthy air conditioning and heating ducts.

This alone, is a strategy worthy of considering: what is the most LIKELY way you can obtain quality clients?

For instance, I met a fairly well-known New York City sports cartoonist on the flight back from New York.  He is currently putting a book together that covers a lifetime of his work.

He was famous for drawing sports cartoons, but also general entertainment figures, and he penned a lot of the TV Guide covers back in the 1970’s.

Who would be the best market for him?  Sports lovers?  Baseball lovers?  Cartoon aficionados?  Entertainment pop-culture devotees?

It’s the same thing with every business.  You HAVE to think of multiple entry-points where your customers can connect with you in their lives.

This isn’t always as straight-forward as it seems, but… the more you know your customers, the more you can come up with different ways of connecting with them.

For some people, this means…

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Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  Reason #2:  There are other people who feel comfortable selling, but they get all messed up when it comes to “closing.”

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