Small Business Marketing: 4 things your guarantees MUST be offering

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Good, now let’s talk about guarantees, because they are incredibly important.  And there are four things EVERY guarantee must have:

1.  You must tell people what you’re guaranteeing.

Are you guaranteeing the work you’ve done will last (fix-it stuff)… or are you guaranteeing some other results… or are you guaranteeing how fast something works?

Either way, if your buyers aren’t clear on this, you’re wasting your time and the benefits ANY guarantee will give you.

2.  How long is the guarantee in effect for?

And by the way, the longer the time frame, the more effective your guarantee.

3.  WHAT are you guaranteeing against?  In other words, the whole point of using a guarantee, is to eliminate a certain level of risk, right?  (And hopefully, you’re eliminating as much of that risk as possible.)

Again, if your buyers don’t know the specific risks you’re removing, any guarantee you’re offering is going to be pretty useless.

4.  Lastly, it’s VERY important you let your buyers know whether or not your guarantee is conditional or unconditional — or both.

Unconditional means the guarantee is valid for any reason at all.  In other words, people can exercise their option to use the guarantee, for ANY reason or no reason.

Conditional means the guarantee can only be used if a certain condition comes up.  So for instance, if you’re a plumber and you’ve fixed some pipes, you can say the guarantee holds if the pipes start leaking again… or if you’re selling “how to fertilize your ferret” information, you can say ‘if you don’t have at least two new ferrets in the next 6 months,” then you get a 200% money-back guarantee.  (ferrets have a gestation period of 41 days or so, in case you were wondering)

In each of these settings, clarity and simplicity rules.

These are just the basics of guarantees.  In Chapter 23 of “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” (which comes with a LIFEtime guarantee, by the way) I go into guarantees in much greater detail, including all the different things you can guarantee, that are EXTREMELY important to your buyers, yet few sellers know about, or use.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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